Christmas Decorations Pillow Covers Sofa Square Throw Pillow Cases Stamping Snowflake Waist Cushion Cover Home Bed Decor

Style: QJ0721 1
Size: 45 X45cm Without Pillow
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Very soft and environmentally friendly, give a cozy feel to your living room and any seating area.
Perfect decorations for your living room, sofa, cars and chairs, office, etc.
Hand or machine-washable.

Product Information:
Pattern: Festival
Color: QJ0721-1,QJ0721-2,QJ0721-3,QJ0721-4,QJ0721-5,QJ0721-6,QJ0721-7,QJ0721-8,QJ0721-9,QJ0721-10,QJ0721-11,QJ0721-12,QJ0721-13,QJ0721-14,QJ0721-15,QJ0721-16,QJ0721-17,QJ0721-18,QJ0721-19,QJ0721-20,QJ0721-21,QJ0721-22,QJ0721-23,QJ0721-24
Weaving process: Printing
Size: 45 * 45cm (without pillow)
Filler: pp Cotton
Style: modern simplicity
Category: cushion/pillow

Packing List:

Pillow cover * 1

Product Image:

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