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Color: Black
style: Style A
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Product information:

Material: 6061 aviation aluminum
Color: yellow, green, black
Capacity: 1L
Net weight: 2.14KG
Air capacity: 200L (compressed air)
Size: 35 * 9cm
Number of breaths: about 132 breaths on the water surface
Available time: about 15-20 minutes


1. Adopt edible grade silicone imported from Japan, which has no odor, is more consistent, and does not crack
2. The scratch resistant coating effectively protects against bumps that affect performance
3. When inflating and breathing, open the valve to keep the gas flowing. If it is not used up, close the valve to avoid air leakage

Packing list:

1x SD700 respirator
1x Adapter
1x backpack
1x diving glasses

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