Self-Driving Tour Camping Hammock Mosquito Net Suspended Tent Aluminum Pole Waterproof Ultralight Hanging Tree Tent

Style: Green
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1. Hanging on the tree, effectively avoiding the trouble of moist ground and insects and snakes.
2. Different from ordinary hammocks, this hammock tent has ample space and can be used with a tensioner, so that the tent can be stretched very flat and will not have back pain when sleeping on it.
3. Easy to hang, just tie 4 trees and pass two poles through it.
4. Lightweight, beautiful appearance, and low price.
5. The tent can be installed directly on the dry grass and beach


The green ones are four corners, and the camouflage ones are three corners. Please consult before placing an order.


Tent structure: double tent
Support pole material: aluminum pole
Specification: 300*300*100cm
Weight: 3000 (g)
Style function: camouflage, mountaineering, fishing, waterproof, light and thin, warm, wild survival, adventure, picnic, windproof, riding
Outdoor account waterproof coefficient: 2000mm (inclusive)-3000mm (inclusive)
Specifications: unfolded: 220*200*80cm, folded: 50*19*19cm
Weight: 3.9kg

Package Content:

Inner account 1
Support pole *1
Ground nail *10
Wind rope *4 (3 meters)
PP belt *4,
Tightener *1
Outer account *1
Storage outer bag *1

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