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Name: Mini LED flashlight with pen buckle.

Model: SK68.

Color: black (silver titanium color can be set, etc.).

Light source: American CREE XPE.

Life: 100,000 hours Working temperature: -25℃~65℃.

Flashlight weight: 85G (not including battery).

Shell material: aviation aluminum alloy T6061-T6 aluminum alloy surface

treatment: hard anodized, titanium black / titanium silver.

Lens material: FCL antireflection coating Hawkeye convex lens Condensing

system: Convex lens lamp holder retractable condensing drive power supply:

1 145000 lithium battery or 1 AA battery Drive circuit: MCU programming

chip Intelligent constant current drive Charging method: Charger, MCU chip

controls intelligent constant current and constant voltage charging,

During the charging process, the red light is full and the green light is turned

on, and it has anti-overcharge protection.

Dimming mode: 3 levels of dimming (strong light-medium light-exposure

flash) successively cycled brightness: 180LUMEN.

Irradiation distance: 150-250 meters. Battery life: 80 minutes under strong

light and 50 hours under low light.

Switch mode: waterproof design tail button (on/off).

Waterproof grade: IP67 waterproof design, threaded interface adopts high

elastic silicone sealing ring.

Specification size: total length 92mm, head diameter 26mm, cylinder

diameter 21mm.

Function and use: suitable for outdoor activities (traveling, mountaineering,

camping), outdoor hunting (fishing, birding, frog catching).

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