Bicycle Chain Cleaner Scrubber Brush Set Cycling Cleaning Kit Mountain Bike Wash Cleaning Tool

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1. PC plastic is the main material, which has the characteristics of durable and anti-fall and can be used repeatedly.
2.The chain washer is available with a sponge and a soft brush. If the chain is too oily, you can use a soft brush to clean it.
3. Two-color bristles of different lengths are cleaned by the chain scrubber cleaning brush to make the brush bite well
4. Use an abrasion-resistant sponge, which is a sponge used to polish stones, which can be repeated;
5. A competent little helper for professional cycling enthusiasts

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Name: Multifunctional chain washer
Uses: cleaning the chain
Material: PC, ABS, PE
Features: three-dimensional cleaning without leaving dead ends;
Advantages: Ultra-durable bulletproof plastic, foldable multifunctional brush, 3 pieces of super wear-resistant, reusable sponge, concealable flywheel brush and clean sickle hook, thick plastic packaging shell, can be used repeatedly
Note: Use with chain cleaner!

Chain maintenance:
1. Clean the chain with a chain cleaner and a chain cleaner. ;
2. When the water on the chain dries, spray the chain with a water-based rust inhibitor and let it air dry. ;
3. After the water-based antirust agent is air-dried, oil the chain. ;

Product Content:
1 * Chain washer housing;
1 * soft brush;
1 * sponge box;
3 * wear-resistant sponge;

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