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Size: 1.2M160x210cm
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Bedding fabric: pure cotton
Printing and dyeing process: reactive printing and dyeing
Weaving process: Twill
Style process: quilting
Bedding style: Personalized fashion series
Fabric main component: cotton
Main ingredient content of fabric: 100
Fabric subcomponent: cotton
Fabric subcomponent content: 100
Pattern: geometric pattern
Fabric material: Cotton
Style: Sheet type

 Dimensions (cm)

Small three-piece suit: quilt cover 160*210 bed sheet 180*230 pillowcase 1
Standard four-piece suit: quilt cover 200*230 bed sheet 230*250 pillowcase 1 pair
Increase the four-piece suit: quilt cover 220*240 bed sheet 245*265 pillowcase 1 pair
1.2 Three-piece bed sheet set: quilt cover 160*210 bed sheet 120*200 pillowcase 1
1.5 four-piece cover sheet: quilt cover 200*230 bed sheet 150*200 pillowcase 1 pair

1.8 Four-piece bed sheet set: quilt cover 200*230 bed sheet 180*200 pillowcase 1 pair

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