Intelligent Soccer Data Analyzer Soccer Training Aids

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Electrical outlet: USB
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Product information:

Product specification: 64mm*25mm*0.9mm
Working time: 11 hours of standby time and 4.2 hours of working time
Waterproof level: IP67
Configuration system: OS (iOS 8 +), OS (Android 4.4 +)

1.Smart soccer analyzer, Trops-1 is designed to analyze and improve soccer performance, it can help you understand and improve your game. Track your every move and see your performance in our app - Trops Football, available for iPhone and Android.
2. Precise Motion Capture Technology: The self-developed TROPS 3D spatially precise motion capture system and multi-sensor data fusion technology can fully capture the player's leg movement data. Error control can reach a drift angle of 2 degrees per hour and a distance error of 5% to achieve high-precision motion reduction.
3. Performance index: automatically analyze and recognize up to 15 movements on the soccer field through artificial intelligence algorithms, including dribbling, passing/shooting, turning, etc. And 17 data in 6 dimensions are presented to players and coaches, including dribbling,
Passing, shooting, stamina, speed, explosive power and vitality.
4. Team Data Report: Create a team for free in the Trops Football App, then invite your friends to join your team and create games online or offline anytime. APP will generate team stats report after the game to know the ability value and MVP of team members, and share social network easily with one click. (Note: Your teammates also need to wear Trops-1 to record data.)
5. Excellent wearing experience: ergonomic and lightweight design, comfortable to wear as nothing, IP66 waterproof and dustproof, built-in 180mAh Li-ion battery, with a battery life of about 7 hours.

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Soccer Data Analyzer*1 Set

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