Projection Alarm Clock 3211 Projection Clock With Radio Double Alarm Time LED Display Electronic Clock

Color: Neutral Blue Light
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Product information:
Color: neutral-white light, neutral-blue light, neutral-red light
Shell material: ABS
Style: modern simplicity
Product function introduction——

(1) FM radio function

(2) Projection and nearly 180-degree free rotation function (time projection)

(3) Dual alarm clock function, the volume rises slowly

(4) Snooze function, which can be set to 5 minutes to 60 minutes or turned off

(5) Time format 12HR/24HR

(6) Optional alarm clock to wake up or FM radio to wake up

(7) Backlight——

USB power supply: Backlight is 4 levels (high light / medium light / low light / no light)

Battery Powered: Highlight/Light 8S

(8) Projection lamp——

USB power supply: always on

Battery powered: light up 8S

(9) Power supply: CR2032*1 backup battery/USB cable DC 5.0V power supply

Specification introduction——

(1) Package size: 18*5*9.6cm

(2) Packing weight: 250g

(3) Quantity per box: 40

(4) Single box weight: 11kg

(5) Single box size: 53*38*21cm

(6) Regular packing list: 1*projection clock, 1*USB power cord, 1*five language instructions

Packing list:
1* Projection Clock 1*USB power cable 1*Five language manuals

Product Image:

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