2024 Xiaomi New Portable Cold Air Conditioner Evaporative Air Cooler Mini Usb Fan Desktop Fan Humidifier with Colorful Light

Color: White
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Brand Name: XIAOMI

Cooling/Heating: Cooling Only

Origin: Mainland China


Power (W): 5w

Voltage (V): 6V

Grade: Grade 1

Air conditioning power: 1HP

Indoor Machine Noise: 24-35dB


1. Four-speed wind speed adjustment;

2. Four gear timing function: 2-4-6-8H;

3. Cold wind/natural wind mode optional;

4. Comes with colorful automatic changing atmosphere lights, you can choose on/off;

5. Adopt double ultrasonic atomizer and wet curtain triple refrigeration;

6. The upper water tank is fully airtight (≥700ml) design, and ice cubes can be put in;

7. Equipped with drain holes, when the water level in the water tank is too high, it can be drained manually;

8. Fine mist cooling, using 4.5μm atomizer, long-term blowing will not wet the body, not wet the table;

9. A condensed water tank is set at the bottom of the machine, which can collect the condensed water generated in the process of cold air, absorb it by the wet curtain and evaporate it through the fan to achieve the effect of cooling.


Color: White

Size: L166mm×W143mm×H242mm

Rated voltage: DC 5V

Input power: MAX 7W

Water tank capacity: 700ml

Maximum wind speed: ≥2.8 m/s

Rated evaporation: ≥100ml/h

Noise level: ≤55dB

Maximum air supply distance: about 2.5m

Total length of power cord: 1.2m

Package included:

1*Air Conditioner

1*EU/US adapter

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