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This State-of-the-art full-face snorkeling mask has a patented respiratory system with dual breathing tubes, which separates expiration from inspiration mechanically. Inspiration enters through the dual breathing tube. A separate breathing chamber effectively prevents CO2 build-up, which ensures fresh air is always circulating through the scuba mask.
full-face snorkeling mask Made of High-Quality PC and Medical Grade Silicone. Non-toxic and environmental, which can prevent skin allergies or other skin problems caused by original materials. Soft silicone mask liner can prevent seawater from leaking perfectly and be attached to your face snugly, two floating balls will seal the top of the snorkel when submerged, which can prevent saltwater from getting into the breathing tube.

Product name: K2 dual-tube unidirectional (outer) circulation snorkeling mask
Product composition: frame, lens, face cover, headband
Material): PC, silica gel.
Product size: Children's (XS)
Washing method: clean the mask with fresh water after use to keep the field of vision clear and ensure normal ventilation function
Storage method: dry naturally after washing, avoid direct sunlight

Package Content
1*Diving Mask

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