Fishing reel

Model: 1000style
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Gear ratio: 5.2:1
Line capacity: 1000 model 120 meters, 2000 model 140 meters 3000-7000 model 120 meters
Fishing wheel width: 1000-2000 model 10CM 3000-4000 model 11CM 5000-7000 model 12CM
Low: 1000 model 10CM 2000-3000 model 10.5CM 4000-5000 model 11CM
6000-7000 model 13CM
High point: 1000 model 11CM 2000-3000 model 12.5CM 4000-5000 model 13CM 6000-7000 model 15CM

Reel handle direction: left and right hand interchangeable

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