Handy Wine Thermometer

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Specifications: Height 3.7* Diameter 5.2

 Material: stainless steel 430

Temperature: 4-26c 

Performance: measuring red wine temperature 

 product description:    Each wine has its own drinking temperature. To taste the taste of red wine, be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the red wine. The stainless steel red wine thermometer uses liquid crystal temperature measurement technology as a thermometer designed for alcoholic beverages. It can measure the current temperature of various wines and let you taste the wine at the temperature of adaptation. It is an auxiliary product for wine lovers. 


 1. Easy to use, the thermometer can be displayed on the bottle to display the temperature of various wines.

 2. This wine thermometer does not contain mercury, does not contain alcohol, and does not require a battery.

 3. Not fragile and can be reused.

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