New Round Wooden Wireless Charger 15W Fast Charge Walnut Maple Wood Craft Gift Mobile Phone Wireless Fast Charger

Color: Coffee
style: 10W
Electrical outlet: USB
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1.No winding of thread,Simple and beautiful,It looks comfortable,Higher quality of life;
2.No frequent plugging,Discharge and charge immediately,Convenient and fast,Let your cell phone never run out of electricity;
3.Don't worry about the incompatibility between Samsung and apple connectors,supportQiAnd other standard wireless chargers can charge;

Product Information:
Product name: Bamboo and wood wireless charger
Power input: DC5V/2A
Power output: DC9V/1.67A
Transmission distance: < 0.6mm
Charging efficiency: >70%
Emitter power: 10W Fast charge +(compatible with 7.5W+5W)
Appearance material: bamboo, imported rosewood, imported black walnut
Product size: diameter 101* thickness 7mm
Net weight: 105.5g
Product packaging: 150*120*20mm

Packing list:
Wireless charger*1

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