Rechargeable Color Electronic LED Waterproof Candle With Glitter Color Changing LED Candle Home Decor

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1. The glitters wonderfully change colors as they rotate inside the clear cylinder. Brightness aesthetics are enhanced by LED lights. It also mimics the warm and welcoming atmosphere that a Christmas candle provides!
2. Color Change As the water moves around, a color-changing LED illuminates the water to create a dazzling festive feature. The colors change slowly. While the replica of the flame glows a flaming orange color.
3. Create a warm environment. It will certainly make your Christmas with friends and family unforgettable. As it should be! Exchanging gifts will never be the same with the unique atmospheres this will provide.
4. Multiple lighting modes: switch from one beautiful lighting to another, rotate the water illuminated by a color-changing LED.
5. No candle wax: Non-melted candle wax can damage furniture pieces, the LED flame replica emits a lovely warming glow.

1. The actual color may be slightly different from the picture due to the different monitor and light effect. Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.
2. When using the USB cable for power supply, the USB cable should be connected all the time during use.

Material: glass sheet
Snow base: 25x8cm
Gold base / silver base: 25x7x7cm
Power supply: Battery or USB (battery is not included)

This product does not contain liquid. The customer can add water after receiving it

Package includes:
1 x LED candle
1 x USB cable


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