Smart Visual Ear Spoon Tweezers

Color: blue
Model: Note5 pro
style: English version
Sale price$150.00
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Product Information:
Type: Kids, Glow, Ear Spoon Set with amplification
Material: Shell silicone
Specs: note5 pro,note5 pro,note5 pro
Style: English version
Color: Sky blue Arctic blue glacier white
Lens diameter: 3.2mm
Battery capacity: 230mAh

Packing list:
Mechanical arm ear rod X1PCS
Storage base X1PCS
Silicone Ear Spoon Set X6PCS
Silicone Ring Ear Spoon Set X6PCS
Ear canal Protection Race X1PCS
Double ended Cleaning Brush X1PCS
Alcohol Swab X5PCS
Softening Cotton Swabs X5PCS
Charging cable X1PCS
Instruction Manual X1PCS

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