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1. Outdoor water purifier, emergency and portable safety tool.
2. Pure, secure and healthy.
3. There is a four-stage filtration system. Filter material has an ultrafiltration membrane, activated carbon and nanosilver antiparticles. Contains no chemicals, no batteries and no moving parts to wear out.
4. It can entirely remove 99.99% of viruses.
5. Multifunctional: Equipped with portable lanyard and nozzle dust cover, can be connected to the extended silicone tube and can be connected to the beverage bottle of the standard bottle mouth.
6. High flow rate: The water purifier features a high flow rate and is convenient to use. Insert it into the water and drink it directly, it can rapidly quench your thirst.
7. Backflush design: Regularly blow air through a water straw after drinking to keep the filters clean and to prevent them from clogging.
8. Convenient and practical: It can be connected with water bags or bottles, it is convenient for many people. It is perfect for hiking, camping, travel and so on.

Product information:
Material: Plastic/Activated Carbon
Main material: PE
Product size: 21.5*3CM
Net weight: About 60g/130g

Packing list:

1*X Filter Straw




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