Wireless charging 15W fast charging wireless charger

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Material Aluminum Alloy CNC
Input 3.6-6.5V/3A, 6.5-9V/2A, 9-12V/1.5A support customization
Output 9V/1.67A Samsung 10W MAX, Apple 7.5W MAX
Conversion rate 83% Color: space gray, dark gray, rose, etc.
Support fast charge 15W 10W 7.5w 5W Product size L90*W95*H115(mm)
Transmission distance 2-8 mm Working temperature -10ᄚC- 40ᄚC

1: The design is simple and generous, and the style is novel. It can highlight the elegance and nobility of the product, which is suitable for different groups.

2: The material is made of good aluminum alloy material.

3: Multifunctional aluminum alloy bracket mobile phone wireless charging, this product is a desktop bracket type wireless fast charging, which meets the QI wireless charging standard:

(1) It can be adjusted in multiple angles to meet the preferences of different users for different angles

(2) The use of multi-functional smart protection technology to protect your mobile phone from overcharging and overheating, to ensure the safety of you and your mobile device in daily use

(3) Multi-functional aluminum alloy mobile phone wireless charging, which can be used as a mobile phone or tablet holder, and can also be used as a mobile phone wireless charging function.

(4) The foldable type reduces the size and volume of the product accordingly, making it easy to carry

4: Applicable mobile phones (15W): HUAWEI MATE 20, Galary Tab S6,

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