Crafts Seaweed Decoration Straw Bag Flower Pot Container Home Furnishing

Style: Ash basket
Size: Medium
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Product information:
Material: Grass
Craft: Purely handmade
Category: hanging basket
Production process: weaving
Hanging form: ornaments
Production method: pure manual
Size: Corn Husk + Straw Basket Small, Corn Husk + Straw Basket Medium, Corn Husk + Straw Basket Large, Corn Husk + Gray Basket Small, Corn Husk + Gray Basket Medium, Corn Husk + Gray Basket Large, Corn husk + deep coffee basket small, corn husk + deep coffee basket medium, corn husk + deep coffee basket large

Size Information:

Small size: 18x21cm
Medium size: 22x26cm
Large size: 29x30cm

Bamboo woven basket x1

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